Welcome to BlackRock® ceramic knives, high quality zirconia ceramic knives

BlackRock® ceramic knives are a market leader in high quality ceramic knives, with their origins in the Far East it’s amazing that these knives have been kept a secret in Europe for so long. Once the reserve of professional chefs and now available to all.
The blade is produced using the finest quality pure zirconium oxide ( also known as Zirconia), a material that is extremely hard, wear resistant and chemically inert. It is important to highlight that our pure compound comes from Japan which is considered the best available and is produced by one of the oldest manufacturers of this product in the world.

Zirconium oxide has a hardness second only to diamond.This produces a product with an ultra-sharp blade.BlackRock blades are hand sharpened at the factory, unlike many mass produced models which are done by machine.This gives our knives a superior blade edge.

All BlackRock® ceramic knives come with a protective sheath to ensure the blade maintains it’s optimum performance. The ceramic blade is stain & microbe resistant and cannot rust. It leaves no metallic taste or smell on foods and you’ll also notice that fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer when cut and do not turn brown as quickly.

The BlackRock® range of ceramic knives goes from a small 3″ blade through to a 7″ blade at 1″ intervals and we also offer a ceramic peeler.

Trust us when we say once you’ve used a BlackRock® ceramic knife you will never go back to steel again.

I have been most impressed by my ceramic knife; it glides through vegetables much better than my old steel knife. (I used to use a steak knife for tomatoes!) And best of all it doesnt need sharpening. Now Ive just got to convince my husband to buy me the set!
Julie Brice
Absolutley loving my blackrock knives!! when i mentioned them to a friend she asked if it passed the tomato test? she explained how she hates knives that squish rather than cut,so i tried myself.And they certainly pass with flying colours!!Youve gotta try them!!Brilliant!
Tracey Howell
Amazingingly sharp!!! LUCKY TO HAVE TEN FINGER TIPS INTACT! Cooking made easy! x
Margaret Mary Devaney
I bought the 4″ knife to try out these knives and to see if they lived up to the claims , I have since purchased the 3 set and so have 2 of my friends as they loved mine so much”. keep your fingers out the way though as they take no prisoners
Stuart Thompson
These knives are amazing I use mine almost every day
Karen Bright