Ceramic Knife Care Advice 

Care instructions for your new BlackRock® ceramic knives

Thank you for purchasing your BlackRock® ceramic knife in order to keep this knife in premium condition we suggest the following. As these are not steel knives, extra care is required when handling and caring for this product.

These knives are very sharp, so please ensure they are kept well out of the reach of children.


One of the most important things when dealing with any ceramic knife is to ensure you do not drop it, as it could break or chip. This is very important. You should also ensure that you do not turn the knife onto its side and strike it (to crush garlic for instance). Again this could result in the blade breaking.

Please keep your fingers out of the way ! This may sound obvious, but these knives are much sharper than any steel knife you will have used and this often takes people by surprise when they start using our knives.

Ceramic knives should be considered as a slicing rather than a chopping, so for best results use a slicing motion when cutting and avoid cutting bones and frozen foods or anything that may result in you striking the blade hard onto a surface. This is not a boning knife and should not be used as such.

Please use a soft surface to cut on like, a wooden or plastic chopping board.Using a hard surface(such as glass or grante chopping board) will result in your knife chipping and breaking.


Please do not sharpen your ceramic knife with a steel or traditional stone. If you care for them correctly, you will not need to as these knives will maintain their cutting edge for many years to come.

Washing / Cleaning

Please do not put these knives in a dishwasher. This is because the ceramic blades are bonded into the handle using adhesive and the temperatures dishwashers operate at melts this, resulting in the blade coming away from the handle. To wash simply run under a tap and wipe with a cloth. Additionally do not leave the knife soaking in a sink where other items could potentially knock against the blade, causing damage.

Once clean ensure knife is placed into its protective sheath and stored away from steel knives or other hard items.

We accept no liability for any personal injury or damage that may  result from our products failure as a result of misuse or failure to adhere to these care instruction.