I have been most impressed by my ceramic knife; it glides through vegetables much better than my old steel knife. (I used to use a steak knife for tomatoes!) And best of all it doesnt need sharpening. Now Ive just got to convince my husband to buy me the set!
Julie Brice
Absolutley loving my blackrock knives!! when i mentioned them to a friend she asked if it passed the tomato test? she explained how she hates knives that squish rather than cut,so i tried myself.And they certainly pass with flying colours!!Youve gotta try them!!Brilliant!
Tracey Howell
Amazingingly sharp!!! LUCKY TO HAVE TEN FINGER TIPS INTACT! Cooking made easy! x
Margaret Mary Devaney
I bought the 4″ knife to try out these knives and to see if they lived up to the claims , I have since purchased the 3 set and so have 2 of my friends as they loved mine so much”. keep your fingers out the way though as they take no prisoners
Stuart Thompson
Very Sharp and good for all general veg prep apart from Aubergines as they tended to stick to the blade. Very good for lettuce as the ceramic blade reduced oxidization.

Good for cutting small peice of meat but not as good on large pieces, very good for fish once it had been filleted.

Cheese and dairy was very very good.

Texture and comfort of handle was very good for long tasks.

These knives could certainly be used in large professional enviroments although they could get abused and damaged. They are perfect for the domestic market and my wife loved it and now uses it all the time.

Fergus Martin, Executive Chef was given a 7
These knives are amazing I use mine almost every day
Karen Bright
I have been using stainless steel knives all my life but this
new knife is light, has a good grip, and is by far and away the sharpest blade
I have used. I would fully recommend you try it and you can see the advantages
for yourself.
Paul Hickton
Looks can be deceiving but this knife is by far the best knife i have ever used, highly recommended
Peter Cowing
I LOVE them,They cut through anything, as if it were paper ! I am only heart scared of losing a finger or worse dropping them & breaking them as i want to have them forever!

They came well packaged & the box is lovely

Gillian McCabe
Many thanks! The set arrived yesterday evening and I am delighted with it. Tests have so far been carried out on leeks, asparagus, cheese, tomatoes and celery, with most acceptable results.
Cutting cheddar cheese into thin strips, without the cheese sticking to the blade or causing it to crumble, was especially pleasing. Tonight the peeler will get a trial!
Mike Ankers
I am extremely impressed by the quality of the knives, they are simply brilliant. The superb product is backed by an excellent support team. I was pleased with the professionalism of their team and the speed with which they managed my case. During my interaction there was plenty of evidence that they really cared about their customers. I strongly recommend them
Tarun Dhillon
I would certainly recommend not just stylish but superb cutting quality , off to buy more items to chop
David Formosa
Just prepped tonights meal using my Blackrock cermaic knife , all i can say is Wow ! Like a razor blade with a handle
Barbra Wilkie
Beautiful to look at and beautiful to use , full review / blog – click here
Carrotkiller ( from Twitter)
No matter what the recipe calls for slicing .. they’re up for the job and read why here
Mike Alindley ( Blogger)
Been using my new Blackrock ceramic pairing knife and it’s one hell of a knife
Rich Glew
Absolutely BRILLIANT pairing knife, My first ceramic knife but unlikely to be my last , Tomatoes tremble..
Trudi T